Remembering Tom Williams

Perhaps it’s just that I got into trouble, no matter what job or assignment I was given!

Yet it is strange how the smallest incident takes on greater significance as time goes by.

You will all have heard of Tom Williams (friend and colleague of Joe Cahill) who was executed and buried within the walls of Crumlin Jail.

We did not know the exact location so all of the area was like hallowed ground to us.

One time I was given the task of mowing the grass around the prison hospital. We believed that Tom’s mortal remains were buried near the wall behind the hospital.

Carefully I used the mower to mark out in cemetery fashion a spot in the near vicinity. In conclusion I marked the grave by placing some daffodils upon it.

Needless to say that was the end of my grass-cutting days there.

A week later I was taken off this duty!



…….. end ……… unless Dan contacts me with more anecdotes in similar vein ………


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