Penultimate Down Dates

1596 Sir Hugh Magennis of Iveagh ceased to pay the ancient tribute to The O’Neill called ‘Bonought’ and took his lands instead by letters patent from the Crown: Magennis ‘coronation stone‘ at Warrenpoint redundant

Hugh O’Neill

1594-1603 Nine Years War

1612 A charter of incorporation was granted to the Town of Newry under the title of the ‘Provost, Free Burgesses and Commonalty of the town of Newry

James I granted the Lordship of Newry, with the manors of Mourne, Greencastle and Carlingford to Marshall Bagenal, in fee, to him and his descendants for ever – who ‘restored the castle, rebuilt the town and peopled it with Protestant settlers

1641 Lands held by Sir Hugh Magennis (see above) became forfeit to the Crown and were granted to William Hawkins.

 Rise in North Down of James Montgomery and James Hamilton

1642 Munroe took Newry by storm

1663 The Duke of Ormond erected a castle at Narrowwater

1689 Newry burned by the Duke of Berwick after his retreat from Duke Schomberg – only the castle and six houses remained

……..  Four Masters……….

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