Drama Awards : Dundalk wins

Having had a succession – including our own Eileen Mooney, current Chair of the Amateur Drama Society of Ireland –

of auspicious figures from the world of drama in Ireland North and South urge greater support for the second largest amateur movement in the country (after the GAA) and one of the strongest in Europe, it was particularly galling to have to sit through the pathetic adjudication of the useless Michael O’Hara who presided like some hybrid clown/comedian over this year’s Festival.

For all their gallant and praiseworthy efforts, the following groups, and their directors, stage crews and supporters received precisely NOTHING from him – not a word:

Phoenix Players, Portadown Defender of the Faith

Belvoir Players, Belfast Steel Magnolias

Newpoint Players, Newry Making History

Rosemary Drama Group, Belfast The Country Boy

The Clarence Players, Belfast Shoot the Crow

Three much-lesser awards (Supporting Actor, Technical Production and a Scholarship) went to current All-Ireland Champions Silken Thomas Players. Supporting Actress award went to Ballymoney. D

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