Shoot the Crow

“Shoot the Crow” by Owen McCafferty – tonight’s offering in the Town Hall -is a sad and hilarious play about a day in the life of four Irish tilers on a building site.  

As they come to the end of the job they’ve been working on, Ding-Ding and Randolph plan to nick a left-over pallet of tiles.  Ding-Ding wants to buy a window-cleaning round and Randolph has his eye on a motorbike.   But the foreman and his sidekick have had the same idea…

The Backburners Drama Group of Tyrone won the recent Lislea Drama Festival with their interpretation of this local play. 

Can Clarence (Belfast) make it a double at Newry?  I wouldn’t be surprised. 

Clarence is one of the better local drama groups. 

There is a great deal of very earthy language in this one. 

Please don’t tell the E****r !

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