‘Point Residents 1916 ..more

This is the second part of those promised lists of Warrenpoint residents of ninety years ago!

Post Office Street

(from Square to Gt George’s Street)

H R Stanley

M O’Hagan

H Piers

Susan Morgan

A McKeown

J Maginn (Petty Sessions Clerk)

Imperial Hotel Bar

M Toombs

M J Sherman

Stephen Trainor

Thomas Cole

Mary Cosgrove

J McGill

John McPartlan

J Pyper

H White

Mary O’Hare

K Markey

John Treanor

E McGivern

(from Gt George’s St to Square) 

W S Tate

M Cunningham

J Murdock

Laurence Crossan

T McMullan

Joshua Toombs

R White

Wm Havern

M McAteer

Brady’s Court

Jane Keown

J Muckrell

H McKevitt

Mary Larmour

M Ryan

J O’Hare

Henry Wilson

John Fitzsimons

Liverpool Hotel – P McGeough

James Wilson

R Toombs

Peter Street

Technical School

H O’Hern

James Byrne

K McAteer

M Bradley

Thomas Petitt N.T.

Convent Schools

Dr W H Mayne

Parochial House

St Peter’s Hall


Great Northern Hotel

The Pavilion

Thomas Greene

J J Foxall

Maggie McMurray

Front entrance to Park

T Weir

Wm M Atkinson

Sea View

Thomas Hollywood

Mrs Alexander

Jane A Kyle

Susan McCormick

Rev A Langtry

F D Russell

E Glenny

Miss Mahood

Wm Johnson

Dr W W Glenny

S Small

E A Brill

Emma Agnew

R Russell (school)

Eliza Smith

Mrs Rooney

Isa Lawson

M Mulligan

T McLoughlin


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