Diagonal Steam Trap [3]

Now the ship was the finest ever seen

An’ they sent it away off to the Turks

An’ they toul’ them, that Steam Trap’s a secert

We’re the on’y ones know how it works!’

But the Turks could not keep their big mouths shut

An’ soon the whole word got around

An’ the Russians got mighty interested

Them lads have their ear to the ground!

An’ they sent a spy dressed like a sailor

To take photos of the Steam Trap

An’ they brought them all back to The Kremlin

An’ they stood round to look at the snaps


Then the Head Spy ups an’ he says, ‘Mr Putin,

I’m damned if I can see how that works!’

They sent him away off to Siberia

An’ bought the whole ship off the Turks.

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