Peggy Riled!

She’d tell them their voices would far sweeter be

And the Gaelic they’d talk with a much greater glee

When they’d ate her nice jib and the lozengers too –

For she’d made them herself out o’ honey and subh.

With a pony and cart and a can of ice cream

Comin’ up right in front of her stan’ on the green

There HE halted and started to sell out his stuff

Right in front of ol’ Peggy who hadn’t enough

Of the space she should get for her two-shilling bit

That she’d paid at the gate for to get her ‘admit’.


Now Peggy resented this blocking the way

To the stannin’s of fruit and attractive display

An’ she told the wee man, just as nice as she could

That he’d have to move over a bit through the wood

‘There’s plenty o’ liberty and room for us all

An’ the field’s wide enough, that surely you see

Without trying to crush out a creature like me-

So a’ll ask you to move a bit farther, a chroi.’


But the man wouldn’t move, not an inch, so he said

For permission to sell, his two bob he had paid

‘I’ve just as good right to be here, as have you

So it’s here I will stay! Ye may talk till ye’re blue!’


Well at that me boul’ Peggy filled up like a ball

An’ she looked at him fierce as she tightened her shawl

She lifted a weight out from under the stand

With a grip that was strong – and she raised up her hand

‘If you won’t move an inch, then be this an’ be that

It’s yer corpse ‘ill be in it, ye wee yaller brat

For as sure as I live an’ that Peggy’s me name

A’ll smash up yer cart an’ yer ratten ice crame!

To think a wee scaltan from God knows where

‘ll come into the country an’ try for a dare

Take bread ou’r the mouth of a creature so lone

That’s sellin’ her sweeties that’s all made at home.

If ye don’t clear away with yer cart and yer can

An’ yer ratten oul’ stuff that ye brought from Japan

Or wherever ye come from – now, OFF outta this

Before ye’re a corpse, for me aim doesn’t miss!’


Conclusion later……


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