The Truck [final episode]

The old Thames Trader truck was written off and I never set eyes on it again.

Brian and I were to eventually receive Mick Rafferty’s Ford D Series truck as our replacement, but before that happened the Newry Mineral saw fit to get a temporary replacement for our wrecked Thames Trader. 

That replacement was an ex UTA Scammell Scarab (The Iron Horse). 

Now I don’t know if any of you Journalers remember, or even know of the Scammell Scarab, but it was a… three-wheeled lorry…

Yes a three-wheeler, just like Dell Boy and his three-wheeled van!

How uncool can you get?

Thankfully I only had to put up with that for a short time…

I mean a three-wheeled truck! There’s no street credibility there!

Life wouldn’t be worth living, would it? 


………. End ………………..

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