Religious History

John McCullagh February 2, 2012

The tradition of the St Brigit’s Cross also reaches back to Pre-Christian times (when it was made of straw). In Irish folklore rushes were associated with childbirth and were laid down when a woman was giving birth…

John McCullagh February 1, 2012

  It was not unknown historically, for Christian authorities to vest in their holy people many of the characteristics of the more ancient gods and goddesses beloved of the people.

John McCullagh February 1, 2012

It is said that St Bridgit went to confession to St Mel, who pronounced the formula for the consecration of a bishop in place of absolution. From this derives the tradition that Bridgit was herself a bishop.

John McCullagh January 31, 2012

When she was of marriageable age her father tried to arrange a marriage for her, but Brigit refused all suitors, being determined to become a nun. 

John McCullagh January 30, 2012

Wednesday of this week is St Bridgit’s day. In The Meadow we lived in St Bridgit’s ward and worshipped in St Bridgit’s Church.

John McCullagh January 30, 2011

I was reliably informed that there are literally dozens (70+) of retired nuns resident in the new Poor Clares Convent in Ashgrove Avenue. I will ask the next one I see out walking and confirm with you.

John McCullagh November 26, 2009

In the seventeenth  and eighteenth centuries Catholics in Ireland were forbidden to openly practice their religion and had to resort to open-air ceremonies where guards could be posted to look out for approaching Redcoats.  There was a bounty on priests and especially on Bishops.  But the ordinary Catholic practitioner was also at risk.

John McCullagh February 18, 2009

Peter Mallon and his Committee, Friends of Calvary have been working quietly behind the scenes to renovate, resurface, upgrade and repaint the Stations’ images and wording at this famous landmark. 

John McCullagh May 16, 2008

I am wont sometimes to let my attention stray from divine worship as I contemplate the beauty of the architecture in my local church St Catherine’s (The Dominican).