Last of Chapel St residents


Bartley and Hilda Feehan lived across the street from the McCanns. Batley had two sons Joe and John. She lived for her greyhounds. Joe had then left home and joined the Royal Navy. Later John also took the boat for England. He recently made his first journey home and I regret not having met him then. 

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The Souterrain


We cut the sod. We dug the heavy mould

To bare the stones which stronger folk have laid

Over their tunnelled dwelling.

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‘Keep the ‘hate’ in ye”


Occasionally town boys who were not afraid of horses could earn a penny or two for looking after the animals for farmers whose stay in the town of Kilkeel would be brief, or who wished to retire to the nearest hostelry.

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Jem Murphy


Jem Murphy, local historian, was one of the men responsible for the discovery of the O’Neill Vault. Jem was born in Carnally in 1916.

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Unapproved Roads

You can recall the time of the ‘unapproved border crossing roads’?   Large signs were erected, with the legend:  ‘motor traffic between Northern Ireland and the Irish Free State is prohibited on this road’. 

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Ambulance Crew forgotten victims


The recent High Court action brought by the Police Federation on behalf of thousands of RUC officers against their Chief Constable – alleging failure of a duty of care by not providing adequate counselling to traumatised police during the recent Troubles – spurred the following offering from the wife of a recently-retired Ambulance Worker from Newry.


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John Haugh: Home


One could sit on the hob seat in the fireplace which was high, deep, rough and soot-encrusted. The flickering flames of the fire ………..

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Rifleman McAlister : reprise


On Tuesday 20th Nov, I received an e/mail from Martin Cunningham. He informed me that his father was a nephew of Bernard McAlister.  I contacted Martin and arranged to meet him and his father on Wednesday 21st.

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Isaac Corry betrays Ireland


Benedict Arnold is infamous in American history as that country’s most renowned traitor. Unfortunately Newry is better remembered for our home-grown traitors than for our several heroes. This article focuses on two of the more influential traitors. It is the present author’s opinion that their betrayal is comparable with that of Arnold’s.

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Irish Dancing


When first I was hauled unwillingly to the Foresters’ Hall in William Street, I looked askance at my mother and uttered the great question, WHY?

No way was I for continuing at this carry-on!!  Imagine wasting a Thursday afternoon stuck in this hall.  Never mind EVERY Thursday afternoon. 

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