Bridgit’s monasteries


When she was of marriageable age her father tried to arrange a marriage for her, but Brigit refused all suitors, being determined to become a nun. 

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Fews Glossary A, 2


Allowance: permission:       I can’t give you that allowance.All sorts: a severe scolding, heavily: …

Army Lists 1915: “S”


This is the third last in this long series – those from Newry  who volunteered  in the first six months to serve in the European War (the Great War).

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The Walking Stick


When first he saw the growing stick

my father was a youngish man

he got a spade and dug it out,

then cut it – for to fit his hand.

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Egyptian Arch

The Egyptian Arch was completed in 1851 and was designed by William Dargan.  The design was based on the Pylon, or gateway to an ancient Egyptian Temple.  The latter of course is the origin of the name that we give to those giant steel structures that carry power lines between settlements.


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My black hills have never seen the sun rising,

Eternally they look north towards Armagh.

Lot‘s wife would not be salt if she had been

Incurious as my black hills that are happy

When dawn whitens Glassdrummond chapel.

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Fr Coigly, United Irishman


Despite the extreme conservatism of the Catholic Church (the United Irishmen were roundly condemned by the great majority of the Catholic hierarchy) there were a number of like-minded priests – including Father McGinnis of Dromintine – with whom Father Coigly could empathise, radicals forged in the liberty-equality-fraternity atmosphere of revolutionary France.

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