John McCullagh January 21, 2011

By way of contrast with Dr Pococke’s jaundiced, personal account of Irish towns (see previous entry on Carlingford) – and indeed those of other English travellers in Ireland in the 17th-19th centuries – Samuel Lewis’s Topographical Dictionary (1837) was a disciplined, informative account from a publisher who also produced similar works on England, Wales and […]

John McCullagh January 12, 2011

In my youth, my role model patriots were James Larkin (mainly because of his strong working-class credentials as well as the fact that his parents hailed from here) James Connolly and John Mitchel. Where repression, discrimination and exclusion dominate, one tends towards the extremes.

John McCullagh December 21, 2010

Like me, in browsing Newry’s history you may have read or heard some reference to the famous ‘Yelverton Marriage case’ and wondered what it was all about. 

John McCullagh November 29, 2010

Though a contemporary and a fellow student at Trinity with John Mitchel, and later defender in court of Young Irelander, poet Richard Williams, it is not thought that Sir Samuel Ferguson (10 Mar 1810-9 August 1886) belonged to that august group. 

John McCullagh November 21, 2010

If that had been the end of the historical contribution of Young Irelanders, then they would have been, as a body, assigned to a mere footnote in the annals of Irish history …

John McCullagh November 19, 2010

There could scarcely have been a more inauspicious time for a rising than the autumn of 1848 (when the people were reduced to abject misery after four years of starvation): …

John McCullagh November 18, 2010

John Martin of Loughorne (Donaghmore, four miles from Newry) followed his friend John Mitchel to Dublin, supported him by contributing articles to his papers and so Martin’s political career commenced. 

John McCullagh November 17, 2010

The United Irishman lasted a mere three and a half months before it was suppressed by the government. Still it was phenomenally popular as Mitchel succinctly and clearly set out Young Ireland policies:

John McCullagh November 16, 2010

It is easy to misunderstand or to misinterpret John Mitchel’s contribution to the history of Irish Republicanism.  Every writer (including of course the present one) has his own viewpoint.