Pre 1800

John McCullagh October 26, 2008

Shane O’Neill’s taking of Newry and Dundrum was just the start of a widespread campaign he waged in Ireland and soon the entire northern half was in his undisputed possession.  

John McCullagh October 22, 2008

The history of Ulster and indeed of Ireland may have been very different had not Shane O’Neill considered it imperative to quash his Irish rivals and the Scots of Antrim – in addition to his battles with the English – and thus over-stretch himself.

John McCullagh October 18, 2008

The new Queen Elizabeth (1558-1603) was as much concerned with the Scots of Antrim as with Shane.  In the instructions given to Sussex on 17th July 1559 he is ordered:

John McCullagh October 18, 2008

What is erroneously referred to in English history as the Desmond Rebellions occurred in (first) 1569-1573 and (second) 1579-1583 in Munster. 

John McCullagh October 12, 2008

When Sussex (Thomas Radclyffe) returned to England for the succession (1558) of the new Queen Elizabeth, Shane O’Neill acted quickly to establish his supremacy.

John McCullagh October 3, 2008

In Shane O’Neill’s time (1550s-60s) there was acrimony and conflict within the O’Neill clan between the English appointed Barons (or Earls) of Ulster and the clan-elected leadership.    For example on 12th April 1562, between Newry and Carlingford Brian, the young Baron (eldest son of Matthew O’Neill) was slain, along with twenty of his retainers […]

John McCullagh September 4, 2008

We know that in the late twelfth century the English first landed and began their conquest. In 1178 John de Courcey advanced into Machaire Conaille (the plain of Louth) to plunder it and exact a prey of a large number of cattle.

John McCullagh July 8, 2008

A large body of Scottish troops under Major-General Robert Munroe landed in Carrickfergus on 15 April 1642 to assist in repressing the insurrection.

John McCullagh July 7, 2008

Religious fanaticism, the scourge of the twenty-first century political world merely reflects that of the seventeenth century in Europe.