The Bullets game


I was a little unfair to AA: if you look carefully you will see the ‘bullet’ still in the right hand of this acrobatic player. Anyway here is AA’s story!

‘So after so many years of hoping to see what a Bullets match was truly like, I got my wish on Sunday 2nd March 2008.

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Red Hot Poker here!

michael drummond newry

As intimated already, the two axles of your ball-bearing buggy had to be flat and not bowed. If they were bowed, the steering didn’t work properly. I remember a number like that, and the frantic and unsuccessful efforts of owners to plane the offending wood back to a level surface!

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1962 Football Team


Pat Murtagh, a former classmate who is featured in this photograph, supplied a list of names for identification.  He notes too that Tim Casey (Newsagents, Sugar Island) Kieran Cahill, Jackie McManus, Joe Kinney and Paul Carlin (Social worker) were associated with this 1962 team.

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