Agnes: Legal Aid Required

Dear Agnes,
I’m hoping you are an expert in the law as in so much else. 

My problem is I don’t know who to sue for injuries I sustained a week ago while stripping unwanted lead piping and wood furnishing from an abandoned mansion in the Windsor Hill area of Newry.

I know you will be familiar with the house in question – next to McManus Court – as it has featured in one of your articles on Newry Journal. 

In fact there is another ‘preserved’ building recently wrecked in Sugar House Quay and my friends and I would be interested to investigate the possibilities there too, but we need to know where we stand.. you know what I mean?

Yours truly,
Jemmy Crowbar

Dear Jemmy,
It’s an interesting question but I don’t have an answer.  
Provided you fulfil the criteria, you may be entitled to legal aid on the matter.  The town’s full of solicitors offering legal aid.  The worst that can happen is that the public will become aware of just who is responsible for leaving unguarded that eyesore and death-trap. 

You are a very public-spirited gentleman!

You may wish to forewarn the ambulance authorities before your next venture, just to ensure your early delivery to hospital should you sustain a second accident.
(Agony) Agnes Dayee

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