The only remaining Church of Ireland presence in the south-east of our district is at Ballymascanlon. Some notes on the history of this district are necessary.

Nightmare Days


“Go down for the Belfast Telegraph,” she said,

“And a packet of Victory V for your da’s head cold.”

Junior Certificate


Some of our teachers were excellent. We also had some who hadn’t a clue how to put over their subject. One such was the Mathematics teacher and I fear we were all disadvantaged by her lack of perception of our needs.

High Street: Miss Ethel


In recognition of the efforts of Ann Mullan and those others arranging a High Street Reunion in August, we print here the early reminiscences of that famous High Street lady Miss Ethel Fitzpatrick.

Murphy Bros Poulterers


If one could corner the market, the most profitable business in Newry would be that of ‘Shop Outfitters’, for there is never a day but that one observes the rubble skips filling up outside one or other retail business as some indomitable entrepreneur – like Bruce’s spider – makes yet another gallant effort to succeed in the retail trade.

Earth Measurement


Few people today would have an inkling of how to measure the earth’s circumference and then diameter. Yet Eratosthenes did just that with astonishing accuracy more than two thousand, two hundred and thirty-six years ago. 

Linenhall Ghosts


I read with interest the Linenhall Square article by Dickie Rodgers. I was born there and lived all of the early part of my life in and around the Linenhall Square area.

Patrick Rankin


Patrick Rankin was the only Newry man to take part in the 1916 Rising in Dublin.  He was a member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood. 

The local drive to reorganise came from Newry, where the Centre (the man charged with organising and coordinating between groups and individuals) for the County was Robert Kelly of the town.  Other County Down members in Newry then included George Cahill, Frank Patterson, James Morgan and Edward McCann.  Henry Murphy of Castlewellan was also in the IRB.  Newry man John Southwell was the Centre for Armagh.  Southwell from Dominic Street joined the IRB in 1910 and was to become the Secretary of the Ulster Council and one of the principal organisers in Ulster.  He played a leading role in establishing the Irish Volunteers in the Newry area.  Under the initiative of Bulmer Hobson and Dublin republican, the Ớ Raghalliagh the Irish Volunteers were formed in 1913 with Eoin Mac N

Currach Championship Newry


The Irish International Currach Association are holding their championship in Newry from 9-11th June. Friday was based at Camlough Lake with Saturday and Sundays events at the Albert Basin, in front of the Quays Shopping Centre.

If you get a chance you should pop down on Sunday afternoon.

Here are a few photos from Saturday at the Albert Basin.

Ghost ‘broke wine’

Pat Brannon was an old man who lived alone in a two-roomed cottage in the townland of Federagh.  The house consisted of the kitchen and the room.  Pat lived in the kitchen and never used the room.  Sure he didn’t need it, didn’t he have all he required in the kitchen?