Mass Rock

People kneeling – heads bowed in prayer
At Mass upon a rock …


T’wasn’t her I saw first
T’was the colours on her frock

She turned and caught me looking
Her blue eyes opened wide …
I winked and grinned back at her
But she turned her head aside.

When the Mass was over
As the crowd moved through the gate
I walked along beside her
And her giggling mate …
I asked,  “where did she come from,
Could I walk her home”?
She just smiled and said nought
So I walked behind alone …

I tried so hard to listen
To the things they had to do
But then they spoke in whispers
I didn’t have a clue
So I moved up beside them
It was no use hanging back
And headed down to Newry Town
Sharing all the craic …

She said she came from the Meadow
On the other side of town
I replied I lived up this way
And never seen her round
I asked her did she dance at all
She said of course I do
And was going to the Dance that night
… I didn’t have a sou.

I told her I was going
And if she didn’t mind
We could both go together
You know and share a bit of time
She said OK I’ll see you there
The Dance it is at eight
Be outside the Parochial
Don’t you dare be late …

I pressed the trousers cleaned the shoes
Scrubbed the hands and neck
Asked ma Ma for half a crown
Swore to pay her back
I don’t think I have that much, she said
Feeling in her purse
The remark it nearly floored me
I felt that I was cursed …

‘Are you alright?’  she questioned
Gazing at my lug
It’s more than just a dance this time
Are you bitten by the bug?
Ma you should see her
She’s such a lovely lass
I grabbed the cash she offered
Grinned and pushed right past …

Cash in hand – all spruced up
I headed for the dance
I know I waited all my life
For just this single chance
You see I saw it at the Rock today
Felt it deep inside
Knew sometime somehow
This lass would be my bride.

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