Ballinlare Gardens


Luminary of the Arts in Newry, the Music & Orchestral Society and Newpoint Players in particular, Sean Murtagh is one of the earliest residents of Ballinlare Gardens and, with his wife Marie, is thankfully still living there. He afforded us the benefit of his early recollections.

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Gypsy, gypsy,living in a tent


I’ll bet you can put a tune to each of those skipping and street rhymes! I know I can. Many had multiple variations; my memory’s not so good that I can recall them all. 

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Vote Wyatt, She won’t be quiet!

A topical issue right now, elections, and there are many lessons for our legislators, administrators and indeed candidates from the story of Dorothy Wyatt, Councillor in St John’s, Newfoundland.

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Halls of Narrow Water


As already recounted here, the original Castle at Narrow Water was probably a small item, built by the first Norman knight to make it into these parts c. 1212, one Hugh de Lacey.

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Father Luke Donnellan


In the early part of the last century there was a prominent priest in South Armagh who gained a reputation in many fields besides religion. He served in a number of parishes in the district but longest in Dromantee where he was known as Father Luke, or alternatively as Red Father Donnellan.

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Going Round in Circles


After a sleepless weekend of trepidation it was a relief  finally to get to work on Monday morning and to meet this ogre that they all feared.

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Blackmen or not?


There was a programme on Radio Ulster recently about the Bessbrook Mill.  It reminded me of a story told to me by Billie McCaigue who was, at the time, a Unionist Councillor for Newry Town. 

During the Second World War some Divisions of the American Army were stationed in Bessbrook prior to their departure to France.  One afternoon one of the soldiers came into a shop in the village and the young lady asked,

‘ Sir, what can I get you?’

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Lughnasa: Newpoint, tonight

Tonight is the big one, the performance we have all been waiting for, the appearance of the home side Newpoint, presenting Friel’s Dancing at Lughnasa. It is the welcome return as director of Sean Treanor and as actors of the fabulous team of Patricia McCoy, Pauline Lynch, Denise Taylor, Paul McParland, Pat Mooney and Laurie Hodgett and the debut of Corrina Cunningham and Molly Finn. 

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