Agnes on Girls’ Toys

Dear Agnes

We all need protection, sure, from terrorist bombers on aircraft, but the latest [Detroit] scare has brought considerably more disruption and discomfort to ordinary regular passengers.  What are we to do?

For example, I found myself at the weekend in Stanstead behind a lady in the queue who was trying to explain to a bemused security man the function of a number of ‘marital aids’ that showed up in the x-ray of her luggage.  Most of those behind her in the queue – and we were all men – looked away, not to heighten her embarrassment but to little avail.

Should that damsel in distress have been you, Agnes, what would you like us to have done?


Des Cretion

Dear Des

You’ve heard it said, ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’. 

Had you lifted each ‘aid’ in turn, and mimed (even better, demonstrated) to the security man what it was for, where it goes, and how it functions, you would not only have enlightened that gentleman, but indeed, educated and amused the impatient air-travellers in the queue.

In the process, you’d have drawn attention away from the embarrassed lady.

You might even have invented a successful, new comedy routine.

In the event, you did nothing.  Proving how useless men are.

Indeed, that’s why the lady had those toys in her baggage in the first place.



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