John McCullagh January 26, 2012

The tribal wisdom of the Dakota Indians passed on from generation to generation, and for that matter replicated in various guises in a host of other ancient cultures, advises as follows:

John McCullagh November 29, 2011

A whole month ago, I spotted a sign outside a door in Killeavey Road : Santa: Please Stop Here !  How those parents might curb imminent expectations, I’ll never know!

John McCullagh September 6, 2011

There’s no compensation for loss of youth – but Senior Citizens enjoy a few advantages too! This morning, for example …

John McCullagh August 2, 2011

Single farmer in the autumn of his years, seeks sensitive, nubile young nymphomaniac for housekeeping purposes and maybe more.  I can offer your own bedroom too, if ever you feel the need to use it!  Must have wide, ‘child-bearing’ pelvis.

John McCullagh June 6, 2011

I agree she should have apologised and paid reparations. But inflicting Westlife on her was a little cruel. She HAD to drown her sorrows!