Lislea: On The Waterfront

Tomorrow (Wednesday) evening, the home team Lislea present the Irish premiere of ‘On the Waterfront’ – the film version of which made Marlon Brando’s reputation.

This is a very ambitious choice and even members of this most able and experienced team wonder as to the wisdom of the selection. For my part, I have no doubts. This is possibly the best troupe on the confined circuit in Ireland.

There are twenty players on stage alone and at least as many behind the scenes.

As the man said, ‘that must be some city, that Lislea!’

My friend Pius Tierney has a small part, that of a ‘drunken derelict’! Last year he was a high court judge. 

Well, you can’t accuse the excellent director Kerry Rooney (who also plays the same role as Brando did) of type-casting!

This is a timeless tale of greed, corruption, love and murder on the brutal waterfronts of New York. The 1954 film won six Academy Awards and spawned a novel as well. 

This performance ought to be the highlight of the whole Festival !


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