John McCullagh February 23, 2011

My but doesn’t time fly by? The Crown Bar is gone (now it’s McSwiggans and is run by Andrew Connolly, George’s son) and, sadly, so too are some of the Darts stars of yesteryear, pictured here.

John McCullagh April 4, 2010

By the time I went looking for Austin Golding in the Foresters last evening he was already off home, merry as a lord.  So I had to enlist the help of Tony McKevitt in naming the footballers below!

John McCullagh February 21, 2010

There was another photo of the same era with some of the same gymnasts and Gerry Brown, that appeared in Cuisle na nGael many years ago.  I must dig it out later.  Meanwhile here is the second part as promised.

John McCullagh February 20, 2010

Regular reader Gerry Hobden found a photo in an old newspaper clipping that featured himself and some friends of old.  The quality is poor so I divided the picture in two: the second will follow.

John McCullagh March 8, 2008

I was a little unfair to AA: if you look carefully you will see the ‘bullet’ still in the right hand of this acrobatic player. Anyway here is AA’s story! ‘So after so many years of hoping to see what a Bullets match was truly like, I got my wish on Sunday 2nd March 2008.

John McCullagh November 15, 2007

We have till now neglected to vaunt our local GAA stars, in all sports and cultural traditions.   This is a small effort to make amends!

John McCullagh September 23, 2007

In 1959 Down played Galway in the All-Ireland semi-final and lost by one goal eleven points to one goal four points.  The ‘town and country’ were at that game ….