John McCullagh February 10, 2020

The Census of County Down 1659 [PRONI T497] distinguishes between Scotch (by which was meant Protestants of Scottish or English origin) and Irish (meaning native Irish or Roman Catholic). It was shortly after the rebellion of 1641 and the suppression that followed it. Cromwell’s vengeful and terrible retribution of 1649 was both bloody and protracted. […]

John McCullagh February 9, 2020

    ‘Around midnight I saw a crowd of people gathered round the bus shelter,’ Valery Levchenko told reporters in the southern Russian city of Stavropol.  

John McCullagh February 7, 2020

The school teacher arriving at JFK in New York was found to have in his possession one compass, a protractor and a scientific calculator. He was arrested and sent to Quantanamo Bay, Cuba for importing weapons of maths instruction.

John McCullagh February 6, 2020

no water, so firemen improvised The coach appealed for alterations to be done to the toilets so that they could be used for football matches The Council made money available for hotel beds to be ready for tourist sin Summer After the ceremony the bride and broom go to the vestry to sigh WANTED: a […]