John McCullagh February 15, 2020

Russia’s richest man, an oil baron, has been given a jail sentence for tax evasion. In America today, he’d have received oil concessions in Alaska. He is reputed to have siphoned $1b of taxpayers’ money. Asked to comment, a Dublin crime boss, speaking from his headquarters in Merrion Square dismissed this as ‘loose change’.

John McCullagh February 14, 2020

The book offered advice to qualifying surgeons and was called ‘Short Practice of Surgery’ by Bailey & Love (1992). ‘The variety of foreign bodies that have found their way into the human rectum is hardly less remarkable than the ingenuity used in their removal. A turnip has been removed per anum (eh?!) by the use […]

John McCullagh February 13, 2020

Niamh   Some hours ago the water fell To christen you, to work its spell And wipe your slate, we hope for good But now your life is sleep and food Which, with our love will, by your leave Suffice you now, our darling Niamh.   This happy birth, two thousand years Our harbinger of […]

John McCullagh February 11, 2020

Apostle Freddie of the Apostolic Reform Church in Cradock, Eastern Cape addressed the large crowd on behalf of his friend and fellow-minister, Apostle Dennis.   ‘He still fully intends to answer God’s call to join him in heaven’, he said.  The crowd was obviously disappointed.   ‘But his funeral has been rescheduled.  All I can […]