Fews Glossary: R 1

Dialect ‘R’ 1
Rabble         to talk foolishly
Rake            quantity, ‘a rake of butter’, ‘a rake of flax-land’
Rampage     to stamp noisily, to make a disturbance
Ram-stan     rash, headlong
Rammel-tree         beam in byre to which cow-stakes are fastened
Ramp           to stamp in anger or rage
Rap              rascal: also, rapscallion
Rasps          raspberries
Rattle-skull   silly person who talks without thinking
Ready          make ready, prepare, ‘ready the horses for the plough’
Reason        talk
Red              clear, tidy up. ‘red the way for the cart’, ‘all red up’, red your hair, girl!’
Reel             joke
Reek            smell strongly
Reeve          splitting, ‘a reeving pain in my head’
Rench          rinse, ‘rench up the dishes, there’s a good girl!’  (Mum was always annoyed when I took this literally: i.e. failed also to dry and return them to their respective cupboards.  Like when I was asked to ‘give the chile’s face a lick!’  Well, that’s what she asked me to do, isn’t it?)
Rib               as thin as a, ‘just a stack of ribs, that girl’
Resate         receipt
Ribbely         rebellious
Rig               ridge
Rickle           a heap, ‘a rickle of turf’, ‘a rickle of bones’
Rift              drift. ‘we rifted apart of recent’
Riff-raff        people of low moral standing

Fews Glossary: W


Dialect ‘W’

Wabbley                     (Wobbly) unsteady

Wabbler                     ‘he tuk a wabbler’ he suffered a fit, a ‘turn’

Wad                             handful, i.e. of money, rags, straw etc.

Waited on                     dying, ‘she’s being waited on, God spare her!’

Wag                         n. comic fool: v. to beckon, wave finger threateningly

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Fews Glossary ‘U’


This is the penultimate in our long-running series of an alphabet of words peculiar to, or used in a specific meaning in South Armagh.  We have had few reactions, hostile or supportive, and few additions or corrections.  Please correct this!

Dialect ‘U’

Unbeknownst   :     unknown to

Unchancy       :       unlucky, ‘an unchancy one, that boyo’

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